A huge thank you to our alumni…

Since 2006, the Department of English Literature has maintained a growing database of the contact details of those of our alumni who are happy to be contacted by current students to talk about their careers. This has led to very fruitful email conversations about how to break into the career market, how to target a particular career and how to make the most of your time at university.

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This year, we decided to ask our alumni if they would be prepared to help us even further; we asked them to send us their snippets of advice to pass on to our current undergraduates. We were, not unexpectedly, showered with goodwill and good advice for our students and so we decided to make the most of such generous support.

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We made posters. HUGE posters – and pinned them up along our main departmental corridor. They have certainly created plenty of interest at our recent open days, but, more than that, they let our students know that we care about their future success and we are able to offer them not only practical help now, but also a helping hand reaching out to them from our alumni. It really is a pleasure to know that our graduates turn into such nice professionals.

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