Ewan Page Prize awarded to Rachel Birt

The department would like to congratulate one of our students, Rachel Birt, on a well-deserved prize.


Rachel writes:

On Wednesday 18th March, I received an email out of the blue informing me that I had been selected to win the Ewan Page Prize, named after a previous Vice-Chancellor of the university. I was amazed as I couldn’t think what I had done to deserve the award, and reading through the email I discovered that it is an award given annually to three Part 1 students for receiving the highest entry A-level grades in their year. Having achieved A*AAA, I assumed that there must have been some students who achieved higher, as these were by no means the highest results at my sixth form, but I was extremely pleased nonetheless.

The Head of English Literature, Professor Peter Robinson, emailed me shortly after congratulating me, and arranged for a meeting so he could present me with my award – a book token worth £130! The idea is to enable me to purchase all of my Part 2 books (and possibly some Part 3 as well) without money being a concern, and I am very grateful for this generous prize. It was a privilege being awarded the Ewan Page Prize and I owe my grades to my excellent sixth form teachers, as I couldn’t have done it without them.

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