Joint degree: English Literature and Film and Theatre

Jake Blunt talks about his experiences and the benefits of studying a joint degree:

‘Doing a joint honours course allows for a broader spectrum of skills to be developed while at university. The skills you gain from one course may well be transferable to the other, and both can work together to make you a more rounded and effective student as you progress. My time management and confidence has improved so much by studying both English Literature and Film & Theatre. I’ve met countless new people and worked closely with so many of them in seminars and group projects that my interpersonal skills and confidence have benefited greatly. The choice of modules can bring individuality and variety to the course and allows individuals to pursue branches of subjects that interest them. The choice of modules is divided between the two departments, with the core modules being the same as Single Honours students, but with space being left for separate modules that you can select. My course is helping me specialise in contemporary literature and analysing directorial decisions for a job as a lead writer for a film company in America. The skills I will have gained by taking joint honours will prove to be essential in the future.’

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Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at the University of Reading. Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
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