Fear, Horror and Terror

Evan Hayles-Gledhill writes:

When I was contemplating returning to postgraduate study, to test whether it was what I really wanted, I decided to meet some other students and academics. The conference I went to for this was Monsters and the Monstrous, organised by Inter-disciplinary.net. ID.net are a non-profit company that was set up by Dr Rob Fisher, formerly of Oxford University, to foster interdisciplinary engagement between academics through conferences and publications. I enjoyed their collegial atmosphere so much, I have been volunteering as a Meeting Manager for them for 3 years.

Last year, an opening to become the project lead for the Fear, Horror and Terror annual conference came up, and I was asked if I would be interested in the role. This means deciding on the direction of the project’s thematic focus, writing the call for papers, reviewing the abstracts submitted, and organising the accepted papers into a coherent programme. This is supported by the members of the project hub who act as a steering committee.

An interdisciplinary conference offers an opportunity for academics, journalists, policy researchers, activists and performers to all bring their perspectives to a topic. It’s a great way to discover a new angle to a topic, and gain a wider perspective. It also welcomes ideas and presentations that are not just from postgraduate and career researchers – making it a great first conference for those wary of encountering an audience full of renowned experts in their specific field.

Here is a link to the Call for Papers for our October conference on Fear, Horror and Terror, at Mansfield College, Oxford. The deadline for abstract submission is in April. I hope to see some of you there!




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