A Special Collections exhibition: Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press

You might be interested to hear Nicola Wilson talking about the Hogarth Press centenary and Virginia Woolf as a printer with Mariella Frostrup and Mark Haddon on BBC Radio 4 Open Book.



You might also want to know about an exhibition in this area…

Dr Nicola writes:




As part of this year’s centenary celebrations to mark the founding of Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press, we have curated a temporary exhibition in Special Collections at the Museum of English Rural Life. This is free and open to the public until the end of August.


The exhibition includes contemporary artwork submitted by artists and letterpress printers responding to the centenary. We issued an open call at the start of this year and were delighted to receive artwork from printers located in Reading and Stroud, London, Norway, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The new artwork is juxtaposed with original artwork from the Hogarth Press archive in Special Collections, as well as original woodblocks (produced by Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry, Dora Carrington) and other archival items. This includes readers’ reports, early Hogarth Press publications, letters, advertisements and order books showing the changing fortunes of the Press. We also have Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s crumbling travelling bags on show – recently unearthed – and on loan from Penguin Random House Archive and Library.


It has been great fun curating this exhibition, which aims to capture the global diversity and lesser-known, non-Bloomsbury aspects of the Hogarth Press, and a joy to see so much public interest in the legacy and achievements of the Woolfs’ as editors, printers, and publishers. Thanks to student Maryam Ahmed for contributing and helping the UoR Special Collections team with item-level cataloguing a recent acquisition of Bloomsbury photographs.


The exhibition runs in association with the 27th annual international conference on Virginia Woolf, this year held at the UoR specifically to celebrate the centenary of the Press. Talks run over 4 days and we have nearly 150 speakers coming from all over the world. Check out the conference programme on: www.woolf2017.com


There is a free multimedia musical performance on the evening of Friday 30th June: the UK premiere of ‘Circling the Waves’ by Michiko Theurer of the University of Colorado Boulder, supported by the University Arts Committee.



Please do come along if you can. If you are a student and would be interested in helping out or being involved please get in contact with me or Lucy Stone.





You might also be interested to hear Nicola talking about the Hogarth Press centenary and Virginia Woolf as a printer with Mariella Frostrup and Mark Haddon on BBC Radio 4 Open Book.


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