The English Society reports on the English Literature Department Research Evening.

Last week The English Society and other students attended a research evening hosted by some of the staff from the English Literature department, Karin Lesnik-Oberstein and David Brauner. It was a very informative and enjoyable evening, giving students an interesting glimpse into pathways to follow for a potential career, one that many hadn’t considered. We have gained an insight into how our lecturers have developed their careers and come to find their specialist subjects, something that a lot of students have wondered about during their time at the university. Something the English Literature department has been lacking is a stronger relationship between the students and the staff and this event definitely started to bridge the gap. It was a nice chance to speak to our lecturers outside of lectures and seminars in an informal and personal setting. David’s specialist subject of ​graphic novels was interesting to learn about, hearing stories of how this had come from reading his older brothers comic books, eventually leading to a job as a lecturer in an English Literature department. Karin’s story was slightly different as she doesn’t have a set specialist subject. Despite this, it was just as interesting to hear about the ways in which she can apply literature to other departments such as maths and science, considering how reading can be applied to these things. We also enjoyed hearing about the favourite authors of the two lecturers; with David stressing his love for Leo Tolstoy, and Karin surprisingly yet interestingly labelling Freud as her favourite. The setting of this first research evening was perfect. It was such an intimate group, so everyone was able to ask the questions they had and got detailed and informative answers. Alongside the enlightening evening, we also had a selection of crisps and cakes – something that was appreciated by all.

We are all looking forward to the next evening in November with Nicola Wilson.

About English Literature at Reading

The Department of English Literature at Reading has been an internationally recognised centre for research and teaching in English Studies for over a hundred years. Our teaching system, with its emphasis on seminars and tutorial work, encourages our students to discuss ideas with tutors and other students in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. All of our students have access to dedicated study advisors; our academic placement scheme and 'professional track' programme provide invaluable preparation for subsequent careers.
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