DEL Island Discs Episode Ten: Bear Hunt and Fat Puss

Welcome to the tenth episode of DEL Island Discs! This week we’ve handed the reins to some junior readers, who are going to cast away two of their favourites: the Bear from We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, and Fat Puss from Harriet Castor’s Fat Puss series of books, illustrated by Colin West. Each character has chosen four discs and a luxury to take to the island.

We’d love to hear if there are any other characters from children’s literature whom you would like to cast away.

The Bear from We’re Going On A Bear Hunt
By Felix, aged 6

The bear lives on his own in a cave with no-one else to comfort him. He sometimes gets sad but once, only once, he met someone. He was chasing after them but they thought he wanted to catch them, but really he wanted to be their friend.

Now here’s some music.

1 – Bare Necessities, from the film The Jungle Book
This is a funny song about being a bear.


2 – The Cave, Mumford and Sons
The cave is where the bear lives.


3 – Bear Chase, by the City of London Sinfonia, London Youth Choir, and Stuart Hancock
This piece of music was written for this book! In the book the bear chases the people all the way home.


4 – Lonely, Akon
The bear is lonely at the end of the book.


For his luxury, the bear is going to take his teddy bear and a sleeping bag.

Fat Puss
By Ed aged 9

Fat Puss is a plump and jolly cat that loves the outdoors. He loves playing with his friends the Mouse Family (Terence, Jessica, Robert and Charlotte), Humphrey Beaver and Slim pup. These songs will be his desert island discs.

1 – Happy, from Despicable me 2
I chose this because Fat Puss is happy and playful like this song.


2 – You’ve got a friend in me, from Toy Story
I chose this because Fat Puss relies on his friendship group to have fun and be happy.


3 – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, from The Aristocats
I chose this because Fat Puss is a cat and likes being one.


4 – Rolling Down the Hill, The Rembrandts
Fat Puss loves rolling down hills, and this song is all about rolling down a hill.


Luxury – a cherry tart because Fat Puss loves them!

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