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Reminder: Module Fair

The Module Fair for Part 2 modules will take place on Wednesday 16 March at 2pm in Edith Morley Room G44.

The Module Fair for Part 3 modules will take place on Wednesday 16 March at 3pm in Edith Morley Room G44.

Module selection is done through RISIS and will begin in April.

Essay Writing FAQ

Where is the English Department Style Guide?

If you go to the ‘Information for English Literature Students’ Blackboard Organisation and click on ‘Handbooks and criteria used in marking’ in the left-hand menu, you will find the Style Guide: Advice on Essay Writing, Style Guide: References and Citations and the Department’s Criteria used in marking

Where can I find more information on the marking criteria?

Every module will emphasise different aspects of the department’s agreed marking criteria, depending on the kind of work done in the module. A statement of the module-specific marking criteria can be found in the ‘Assessments’ folder of each module. (The essay questions and the link for uploading your work will be in that ‘Assessments’ folder too.)

Where can I get help with my essay writing?

You can ask your seminar leader or Academic Tutor for advice on how to approach the essay. If you want someone to check your draft or your essay plan, you can make an appointment with the Royal Literary Fund Fellow: Sara is available for meetings on campus on Tuesdays (Edith Morley G18 and online on Thursdays)

Where can I get information about uploading my work to Turnitin?

The Technology Enhanced Learning Team have lots of help available on Blackboard, just log in and click the ‘help’ button on the left-hand menu.

What if I have problems with my computer / Wi-Fi?

It is best not to leave uploading your essays until the last minute, because connectivity problems can strike anywhere! If your essay is failing to load, and you are concerned about missing the deadline, you should contact the Student Support Coordinator through the ‘Ask a question’ function on RISIS. They will advise you on what to do next.

What if circumstances beyond my control make it very difficult for me to meet the deadline?

If there are circumstances that have been affecting your ability to complete your assignments, you might need to apply for an extension or other adjustments to your assessment using the Exceptional Circumstances Form. You can find out more on the ‘Essentials’ website pages. You can access the form through the ‘Actions’ button on RISIS. You can also ask the Student Support Coordinator through the ‘Ask a question’ function on RISIS.

Student Experience Awards

The Student Experience Awards are open for nominations! Do you know a student rep who has done amazing things this year? Have you attended an event or helped to set up an initiative that you think deserves to be recognised? Are you aware of a student campaign that has made an impact on campus, in the local community, or elsewhere in the world? Nominate the person or event for a Student Experience Award and get them the recognition they deserve! There are a wide range of awards across a number of categories including Academic, Volunteering & Fundraising, Diversity & Inclusion, Welfare, and Democracy & Sustainability.

Please follow the link and let us know who you think deserves to be recognised:

Nominations close on 28 March 2022

New Learning Capture System

The university has purchased a new learning capture system. The recorded lectures produced over the last two years will not be used routinely as we move back to full ‘face-to-face’ teaching in Autumn 2022, but the new learning capture system enables lectures to create learning resources in the form of short (and VBS – Very Brief Screencasts) as well as recording their live lectures. If you want like to see how the new system works, go to the Blackboard Organisation ‘Information for English Literature Students’ and click ‘Yuja’ on the left-hand menu. Please tell us what you think of the system, so that staff will have a clearer sense of how important video learning resources are to you: you will find a short survey here.

RUSU elections

Congratulations to Sophie Jordan, currently Part 2 Course Rep for English Literature. Sophie is the new Senior Rep for the School of Literature and Languages!

The new RUSU offers are:

  • Inclusion and Communities Officer 2022/23 is Jem McKenzie
  • Welfare Officer 2022/23 is Poppy Lindsey
  • President 2022/23 is Sheldon Allen
  • Education Officer 2022/23 is Oscar Minto
  • Activities and Opportunities Officer 2022/23 is Harry Everitt
  • Black Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Oluwaseun Tijani
  • Disabled Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Sophie Flecknell
  • Environment and Ethics Officer 2022/23 is Phoebe Barker
  • International Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Vanessa Chan
  •  LGBQ+ Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Oscar Cresswell
  • Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Ish Aa Sujau
  • Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Raheem Aminu
  • Trans Students’ Officer 2022/23 is Charlie Dennis
  • Women’s Officer 2022/23 is Talor Boyd

Things to do in Reading part 2

Caversham court garden is a delightful space to relax next to the river. This space is tranquil and calming. The perfect picnic spot or just a space to sit and enjoy a good book. There is a café, benches and toilets available. Perfect outdoor hang out for the approaching summer months. This garden is located along the river Thames. Not to mention the open-air theatre that takes place here during the summer months, keep your eyes peeled for Shakespeare renditions!

Mapledurham is a short boat ride away from Caversham. This is the perfect day out to see this stately house and working water mill. The house is very picturesque, idyllic and charming. Parts of the house are open to the public, and there is a lot of history to the place which is always interesting. It is incredible to see the working water mill in action; this is made even better by the delicious scone available made from the flour milled on site. The grounds are big and open, adding to the grandeur of the property. Personally, my favourite part is taking the ‘Caversham Lady’ down the Thames to get to this location, seeing all of the wildlife and relating on a small scale to Ishmael from Moby Dick.

This one for the Pride and prejudice fans! Basildon Park was used for the set of Netherfield Park in the 2005 Joe Wright adaptation of Pride and prejudice, and is in Berkshire so is totally worth checking out for those of you who are as obsessed with this movie as I am. The stately house is even more grand and magnificent in person. It is amazing to see where this iconic movie was filmed. The grounds are extensive and fascinating to explore. There is an entry fee for the house, but the place is so filled with history I would argue it is worth it. Rumour has it that they decorate the interior of the house seasonally for Christmas and Halloween, although I have not experienced this myself. If any of you check it out, you will have to let me know!

What I’m reading now

About English Literature at Reading

The Department of English Literature at Reading has been an internationally recognised centre for research and teaching in English Studies for over a hundred years. Our teaching system, with its emphasis on seminars and tutorial work, encourages our students to discuss ideas with tutors and other students in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. All of our students have access to dedicated study advisors; our academic placement scheme and 'professional track' programme provide invaluable preparation for subsequent careers.
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