Graduate Scheme Success

Laura Armstong, a final year English Language student, gives us her top tips on applying to graduate schemes:

During your time at University, the talk of the elusive graduate scheme jobs will start to creep in. Graduate schemes are run by hundreds of companies and are often thought of as the ideal graduate job, with good pay, benefits and on-the-job training; it is easy to see why! However graduate schemes are not for everyone, so don’t feel obliged to apply for one. Having been through the process, these are some tips for people setting out on the graduate scheme application journey:

  1. The process is long –Don’t expect a job overnight. Graduate scheme applications are made up of multiple (often time-consuming) stages. These stages often include CVs, application forms, online tests, video interviews, phone interviews and assessment centres before your final interview! Trying to juggle applications can be exhausting alongside University work, do ensure you stay organised and don’t rush to apply to lots of schemes as the employers will be able to tell. Be selective.
  2. Be boastful – you need to ensure your CV is current and contains all your achievements. The potential employer needs to see your abilities so make yourself stand out.
  3. Use the careers team – the University offers great support not only for CVs and interviews, but for all different stages of applications. The careers service team are always happy to help, explore what they offer and use them!
  4. Prepare- make sure you take the time to prepare for each stage, research the company and look at their job descriptions. You can also practise online assessments to make sure you are as prepared as possible.
  5. Persevere – It would be a miracle if you didn’t receive at least one rejection email. They are extremely disheartening and you start to doubt yourself, but don’t! Companies have to be brutal and you have to recognise that it doesn’t make you any less employable. Pick yourself up again and continue. If you are determined, organised and you research well, you will get there in the end.



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