Joint degree: English Literature and English Language   

Hayley Parfitt talks about her experiences and the benefits of studying a joint degree:

I decided to take a joint honours course because I’ve always been interested in how language works, and always loved studying literature. The English Language and Literature joint honours program allowed me to pursue both of my passions at University level. My academic writing has benefitted from my course selection, as over the three years I have learnt how to write essays, academic reports and scientific literature reviews. I have also learnt flexibility through the course and developed other important transferable skills such as presentation, research, and planning.  I have really enjoyed the diversity of modules available as a joint honours student, and found Grammar and Lexis, and Decadence and Degeneration: Literature of the 1880s and 1890s to be particular favourites! Choosing modules for my degree is easy and follows the same structure as a single honours degree. I take the same core modules as my friends on the single honours program but then get to choose my options from across both subjects. This gives me the freedom to follow my own individual interests and also ensures that I receive the same core teaching as single honours students.  I have loved my time here at Reading, and am planning on returning to do a MA.

English Language and Literature at Reading

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