This is a list of recent knowledge exchange, outreach and media for the FFIR project and team.

23 July 2015: BBC Look North/Radio Newcastle/Radio Tees – Dr. Geoff Parkin and Dr. Matt Perks (FloAT team) – “StormChasers”



27 May 2015: Annual Assembly – Dr. Chris Skinner – demonstrating Humber in a Box via Google Cardboard headsets – this is planned to be applied to FFIR work in the near future to demonstrate flash flooding interactively.

pic11Thanks to Dr Lila Collet of Heriot-Watt University for the image

18 May 2015: Denton Primary School – R. Thompson Demonstration and Talk – R. Thompson – “Weather” and forecasting floods

17 Apr 2015: Members of the FRANC team visited the Flood Forecasting Centre at the Met Office and were hosted by Charlie Pilling while having a project meeting.

14 Apr 2015: The Big Issue – How to Read the Weather – R. Thompson – article on weather forecasts, their accuracy and how to interpret them.

26 March 2015: Richard Allan attends and Environment Agency board meeting to discuss Spatial Joint Probability for FCRM and National Risk Assessment project

24 Mar 2015: Various press through press association –  R. Thompson – release saying weather unlike cause of plane crash.

10 Feb 2015: Members of the SINATRA ST1.3 team visited the Flood Forecasting Centre at the Met Office and were hosted by Charlie Pilling

29 Jan 2015: St Mary All Saints Primary School, Reading – R. Thompson Demonstration and Talk – R. Thompson – Weather and flooding

28 Jan 2015: Rob Lamb visit from JBA to discuss scenarios for multiple flooding events

20-21 Jan 2015: Early Career Researcher Conference held in Reading

11 Dec 2014: BBC Berkshire – R. Thompson – #weatherbomb “explosive cyclogenesis”

10 Dec 2014: Sky News/various radio – R. Thompson – #weatherbomb “explosive cyclogenesis”

27 Nov 2014: Berkhamsted Geographical Association Talk – R. Thompson – “Improving forecasts and warning of flash flooding”

1 Nov 2014: Grazeley Primary School – Demonstration and Talk – R. Thompson – “Weather”

6/7 June 2014:  Heart – R. Thompson – Thunderstorm warnings.

6 June 2014:  The Sun – R. Thompson – small piece on 5 month rainfall accumulation

6 June 2014:  Get Bucks – H. Cloke & R. Thompson – Weekend weather prospects ‘improving’ – but flash flood warnings still in place 

5 June 2014:  The Guardian – H. Cloke and R. Thompson – Storms threaten return of floods to England and Wales

“The cause of the predicted storms is a low pressure system sitting off the west coast of Ireland which is pulling in warm, humid air from France. “This is the perfect recipe for an explosive thunderstorm,” said Rob Thompson, a meteorologist at the University of Reading.
Hannah Cloke, a flooding expert at the University of Reading, said: “The [flash flooding] problem is likely to be exacerbated in areas where the ground is still wet from the winter floods, particularly in catchments with high groundwater levels and where rivers are still high following Britain’s wettest winter ever.”
She said: “When it rains very heavily, almost anywhere could be at risk. Extremely intense bursts of rain can mean that the soil is simply unable to soak up the water fast enough, so excess water runs off and causes floods in all sorts of unexpected places.”

5 June 2014:  BBC Berkshire – R. Thompson – Thunderstorm warnings & Winter rains.

5 June 2014:  Get Reading – H. Cloke & R. Thompson – University experts warn of flash-flooding if forecast rain arrives this weekend



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