Answer Me

My name is Yun Yun, I am a Taiwanese girl who grew up in Taipei city and studies in the UK. Answer Me is produced and written by me, I am also the lead actor in this project. The story is based on my true experience and inspired by my childhood events. As the content is based on Taiwanese culture, which I hope this film can reach out to more diverse audience, instead of limited my only English-speaking audience. This film is officially selected by London Short Festival 2021 as Best Student Shorts nominee, I hope this film can travel through different film festival in different countries. 

Yun Yun Hung



Answer Me is inspired by my childhood events also, in relation to my Taiwanese heritage. Because of COVID outbreak, I get to shoot my project at Taiwan with my family, therefore, I wanted to create something that is dedicated to them and my culture. Although there are some sort of race and identity discussion surrounded the plot, but the theme behind this project Is to bring my reignition of being an independent human being and, being aware of my identity.