Snail hunt

I’m on a snail hunt. I’m looking for Banded Snails (Cepaea hortensis). No, I’m not in hunter-killer mode as you might expect.

Banded snails have a taste for dead, dying and decomposing plant material – easier to chew apparently, and there’s quite a bit of just that in the Chelsea exhibit lawns.

Not being outside and therefore not subject to winter weathering and the action of plant chomping critters, fungi and soil microbes, the dead and dying plant material in the exhibit lawns is in need of a tidy up. I will attempt to lecture the snails on the importance of sticking to their traditional diets and to avoid eating fattening flowers. I will be keeping a very beady eye on proceedings. I hope by letting them loose on the exhibit it will receive a timely spring clean.

Banded Snails - Image borrowed from

Banded Snails – Image borrowed from

Here’s hoping the snails are old fashioned and stick to a traditional diet!

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