Avondale planted.

It’s taken a day and a half and unfortunately we ran out of plants before we could fill the entire space, but what we have achieved is the world’s first public grass-free lawn. I’m feeling rather chuffed at the moment.

All the hard work of the Kensington & Chelsea staff and contractors Quadron has come together to make something quite unique and quite simply beautiful.

Avondale grass-free lawn at the end of planting 09/05/2013

Avondale grass-free lawn at the end of planting 09/05/2013


It’ll be a while yet before the plants settle in and start to mingle, but even with that in mind, the lawn looks pretty good. The weather over London was out of The Wizard of OZ. High winds and squalls, so the images we took are a bit dull and don’t do the lawn full justice; and why do modern cameras all seem to have a problem capturing blue properly?

Every single passer-by who stopped to have a chat (and there were also quite a few who just stopped to contemplate the view) had only good things to say. Dogs seemed to be the main concern for the future of the lawn and there was general surprise (think melodramatic anguished wailing and looks of incredulity) to hear that a mower was the management tool, but with a little gentle explanation nerves were soon soothed.

I plan to sneak back on a sunny day and sit and gaze for while – like the young gentleman on the park bench smoking that wonderfully aromatic cigarette…



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