New Website

Due to the huge amount of continuous public pressure to have an on-line presence, I’ve had a go a creating a website.

It’s the first time I’ve tried to create one myself, so apologies for any errors. I’m a complete newbie at this web design thingy.

Here it is: Grass free lawns.

Hope it works!

One thought on “New Website

  1. Dear Dr Lionel, I contacted Nicola King at Quadron Services and hopefully she has passed my contact details on to you.
    I have a large (and useless) front lawn, based on sandy soil in Norfolk. It is subject to wind and sun and so struggles to demonstrate a viable grass lawn. It is full of sedum acre and other unwanted plants. I hesitate to call them weeds after reading the joke sent to you about His views on suburbanites.
    I would be extremely interested in experimenting with a grass free lawn and will shortly be planting a hedge of Abelia Kaleidoscope to delineate the edge properly.
    If you feel an experimental lawn slightly further north would be of interest to you, please let me know.
    Thank you.

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