Too long

Having been busy for the last couple of weeks elsewhere, the trial lawn has grown. A bit too much by the looks of it. It looks quite stunning but is rapidly becoming a meadow, not lawn.

Here is an example of what it should not look like.




A mowing before Chelsea was really what I should have done. The yarrow has taken advantage. Another consequence is there are more large stems left behind after cutting and they don’t look that good. Slender stems are less offensive to the eye.

Here is the hard part:

Chelsea Chop

Talking of Chelsea chops, the Chelsea exhibit was becoming quite leggy and light starved from being in the Grand Marqee for the week. Many fine folk doubted that the blade would ever be applied to the show lawns, but, it’s got to be done. See above for what could happen if I don’t!


Show lawns before the chop

Show lawns before the chop


Show lawns after the chop

Show lawns after the chop

Devastation, or so it seems. Now, for a while, it looks rather similar to many a turf lawn, but perhaps more interesting. It’s only for a while. Watch this space.




One thought on “Too long

  1. Love it!!! we are very interested in whether it is successful in other places in the garden, ie shade too. Heard about it on radio 4 this morning and wondered if you would like anyone to take part in other insitu planting.

    We have a strong passion for naturalistic planting and this would suit an area between our steps and a patio, but it is shaded. We are also thinking of a larger area to the front of the house which is more challenging to mow so we tend to leave it longer between cuts.

    Well done and brilliant idea.

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