Jack Frost beats the pea

Ho hum. I’ve been waiting for the blue pea to dazzle me in the lawn with a November show. The buds were there, hidden under the leaves, and plenty of them too, but the first frosts beat the buds to it and I suspect there will be no blue blanket this year.

The pea growing in the Chelsea exhibit is in a slightly more sheltered spot, beside the glasshouses, it’s done a bit better. It faces due south and gets light and heat reflected off the greenhouse glass. This is more of what I’d hoped for…

Parochetus communis in the Chelsea exhibit, late November 2013

Parochetus communis in the Chelsea exhibit, late November 2013

Sheltered or not, the leaves will wilt and fade when the frost finally reaches the exhibit. It will certainly save me mowing at this time of the year.

A plus point is that already some of the bulbs planted in the exhibit are already showing leaves – you can see them in the photo as long strap leaves. We are not yet fully into winter yet and the lawns are showing signs of a new season and more floriferous times ahead. I’m already looking forward to the first flowers from the bulbs, corms and other storage organs.

Dear Santa: Perhaps a cyclamen flower or two for a bit of winter colour…?