I’ve been tinkering away for the last few years on a programme of trying to make the common white clover (Trifolium repens) just a little more interesting.

As a component of a flower lawn it offers great potential in both leaf and flower colouring, and bees and butterflies just love it. The breeding I’ve been doing has thrown up a few interesting versions that may have a real future but there’s still room for improvement.

Here are just some.

The Green Strain

clover 3 Clover 8 clover 7 Clover 5 Clover1
The Red Strain

Clover 6 clover 4 Clover 2 Clover 9

The traditional white-only flowers of the white clover can be tinkered with too. From snow white through to blush pink and deep red I think they make for strong contenders in any flower lawn.

Clover flowers

A real surprise has been how good they can look in a hanging basket – but that’s a secret for now….

There are some Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) variants too. These are all foliage variants rather than flower variants.

This is one I call ‘Catford Spring’ since I collected the seed on a roundabout in Catford, in south London in spring. It has golden yellow leaves that appear in spring only and then darken up.

Trifolium pratense 'Catford Spring'

Trifolium pratense ‘Catford Spring’

Trifolium pratense 'aureum'

Trifolium pratense ‘aureum’

Trifolium pratense 'Feather'

Trifolium pratense ‘Feather’

trifolium pratense 'Splish Splash'

trifolium pratense ‘Splish Splash’

Trifolium pratense 'Susan Smith'

Trifolium pratense ‘Susan Smith’












4 thoughts on “Clover

  1. please can you explain step by step how to get started planting the flower lawn. i’ve got a massive lawn and just had ‘green thumb’ over to kill all the weeds. its the last time for them to do this -all the daisys are dead!

    and i want to have the bio diversity in my lawns from now on.

    Kind Regards


    • Thank you. I’m glad you like them. No cultivar is for sale as yet. After rigorous selection there is one that I have plans for though….It has striking red leaves and claret coloured flowers. My favourite by far.

  2. I think this a superb idea, easy to keep attractive and superb for the pollinating insects.

    As clover is part of the family I assume a clover lawn will fix nitrogen and reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers too.

    Would be brilliant to buy these clover seeds to sow as a lawn.

    I’m only a North West Handyman but love sustainable solutions like this.

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