GRASS is growing!

More good news for GRASS! I’ve just managed to finish making six brand new explanatory screencasts for the ‘How to’ section of the website. So if you’ve ever wondered how we’re making the screencasts on screencast bank but you only have the odd 60 seconds of spare time, head on over to this new section to watch one of our range of one minute screencasts. If you want to get started with Camtasia, Prezi, Powtoon, and video feedback, these videos will not only tell you, but also show you, step by step, in lightning speed! OK so I did go a little beyond the 60 second brief in ‘How to make a screencast in under ten minutes’ but I literally do make a screencast from start to finish in only four minutes to prove how quick and easy this technology really is. I’ll be making lots more of these over the next few weeks so watch out for more fast-talking squeezed into just one minute (ish)!How to cam

Happy anniversary! Cindy writes….


Well, it is not actually an anniversary as such, although there will be two of those to come before the project finishes. Today is the first official day of our GRASS project and it is also, coincidentally, one of the few days when nobody on the GRASS team has talked to or emailed a fellow GRASS enthusiast to talk about the project!

It seems odd even to think of this as our first day – we have achieved much already and we have put so many plans in place over the summer. Already our students are working with GRASS material and shaping our ideas about how best we can move forward. Having a first day is special, though, as it reminds us that we are now on a proper footing and can go full-steam ahead. One of the great benefits of being offered TLDF funding for a project such as this is that it reminds you that the university is supporting you – that will help to keep us inspired.

So, to my fellow GRASS team…thanks for the fun we have had already and………here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!