Screen capturing in Classics

Silchester ModelMatthew Nicholls

I have been using screen capture in two ways in my Digital Silchester module for Classics. The first is to create how-to videos for upload to Blackboard. Some of our class time is spent showing students how to execute certain tasks in a piece of digital modelling software, and taking a screen-grab video has proved a great way of reinforcing these classroom sessions. Students can watch to make sure they have understood the class or to remind themselves, and it saves me a lot of time in emailing explanations.

The second use is for giving feedback on student work, part of which comes to me in the form of a 3D digital model of a Roman building. Using a screen recording I can navigate into and around their models and give spoken feedback corresponding to what they see on screen – a much more efficient and helpful way of giving precise feedback than trying to explain what I mean in writing.

I am grateful to the GRASS project for helping me think about the possibilities this technology can offer, and also for the lovely homemade cakes at their events.

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