Thank you to the 80 delegates and presenters that helped make the GRASS Summer Conference on 6th June an enthusiastic reflection on the project.  With 38 different departments represented at the conference, we celebrated the varied applications of screen capture across campus.

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Emma & Gavin

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The presenters have generously agreed to share their presentations and

screencasts. Please click on the presenter’s picture to view or watch.


Jane Setter-Professor of Phonetics, Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics

Conference 6


Patrick Lewis-Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Conference 14


Nicola Abram-Lecturer, Department of English Literature

Nicola shared her experience of renewing a Part one module for a large student cohort revealing how screen capture helped her and the student take a fresh approach. Click the link below to access her presentation.

Conference 5


Tim Lees-Lecturer, School of Construction Management and Engineering

Conference 8


Dr Michelle Reid and Dr Kim Shahabudin, Study Advice.

Michelle and Kim takes us through the true experience of creating screencasts in their own humorous style. Click on the picture to watch their screencast!

Any questions Michelle photo











Robin Godfrey-Business Engagement and Transformation

Conference 11


Matthew Nicholls-Department of Classics

Conference 7