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Lecture capture is any technique that is used to record a live lecture, whether it be audio recorded using a Dictaphone, or video recorded using a camera. The files can then edited if required and uploaded to a medium such as Blackboard or distributed directly to students using a flash drive.

UntitledFor the past two years, Matthew Nicholls and his colleagues who teach the module Augustan Rome, have been providing students with audio recording of lectures using a Dictaphone. The recorders were purchased using departmental funds since they are simple to use and relatively inexpensive.

Recordings are uploaded to Blackboard where they are accessed by students, as and when they are required. 

Untitled2By monitoring Blackboard statistics, Matthew has seen that the recordings are popular with students, and as a result he has encouraged other members of staff to record their lecture material too.


The Institute of Education has been using lecture capture for a long time, both to record student lectures and to record sessions for staff to use. Lectures are recorded and uploaded to Mediasite, a technique lends itself particularly well to the teaching of teachers since many tend to be studying and working at the same time, for example, doing a post-doctoral degree . Making the lecture material available for students and staff after the event, increases the flexibility of teaching time.

In particular, the training/induction of mentors in schools where students go for placement during their time of study is now carried out through video lectures. It is imperative for the course that the training take place, but those staff requiring are generally unable to attend sessions in person owing to time constraints. By making the lecture material available online, staff have received the correct training to meet their mentoring requirements, and the rest of the placement programme can proceed smoothly.

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In ICMA, all lectures are routinely recorded and streamed to Blackboard via dropbox. The recording of lectures is done on an opt-out basis, so the lecture is only not recorded if the lecturer has chosen to opt out. Within ICMA, a significant proportion of students are either learning from home or are international students. Recording the lectures allows distance-learners to access the same content as those students who are present. In addition, it gives all students the ability to re-watch lectures, something that has been shown to help non-native English speakers.


ICMA’s two main lecture theatres have been fitted with cameras in the ceiling and microphones at the front of the auditorium. This set-up allows effective and efficient instant filming of the lectures. The videos are not edited, but they are uploaded to Blackboard within hours of the session by the programme coordinator. The remainder of the process is largely automated.

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  1. Has anyone used Panopto? I believe it is compatible with Blackboard and Canvas VLEs- but wondering if anyone has first hand experience of it?

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