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Matthew feedback

Matthew Nicholls’ video feedback

sc at Reading

Rough guide


RM sc


RM sc 3



BFD summary



Pre arrival



Library screencast








Cindy: For a general audience on the

‘English Literature at the University of

Reading’ YouTube channel.


Cindy: For a general audience on the ‘English

Literature at the University of Reading’ YouTube

channel. This is based on some ‘pocket guides’

being given out on our Visit and Open Days –

the hope was to give a cohesive sense of what we inspires us.










Cindy: For a general audience on the ‘English

Literature at the University of Reading’

YouTube channel. Also useful for First Year

students in the department.

RM sc2


Screenshot academic placement screencast







Cindy: A screencast for students and for

use on Open Days – Academic Placements

theatre curtains








Cindy: ‘Revealing speeches – Is Caliban

a monster?’ For a general audience

on the ‘English Literature at the

University of Reading’ YouTube channel. 

Screenshot careers learning screencast







Cindy: For Part 1 students in English

Literature – Careers Learning explained

Victorian Medicine and Mysticism 1








Cindy: A screencast by Dr Andrew Mangham

(English Literature Department) to help

prepare sixth form delegates for a departmental

study enhancement day with pupils from local schools

Dickens and the Railway 1








Cindy: An introduction to representations

of the railway in Charles Dickens’ works with

a case study of Dombey and Son. By Alec

Woolford, a Part 3 student in the Department of English Literature.

Other screencasts by our students include:

‘Winter my Secret’

‘A Girl’

‘In an Artist’s Studio’

‘The Hollow Crown’


‘Romeo + Juliet’

Communications at Work








Cindy: A student’s guide to EN2CAW,

‘Communications at Work’, a Part 2 module

in the Department of English Literature.

The students hoped to give a ‘warts and all’

view of the module, as opposed to the official handbook description.

Study abroad enhancement screencast








Cindy: This is the first in a series of Enhancement Week screencasts being made available in the Department of English Literature. Our hope is to create some ‘virtual enhancement’ to go beyond the face to face activities in Enhancement Weeks. The number of students choosing the Study Abroad option has increased in the last few years, but we wondered whether some might not be giving it serious attention, assuming that it is ‘not for them’ without necessarily knowing what is involved. This screencast should help to eliminate this possibility. The information was supplied by Dr Matthew Scott.

Study abroad








Cindy: Another Enhancement Week screencast,

this one being of value to students across the

School of Literature and Languages

(and across the university).

The information was supplied by Dr Sue Walsh.

EN3PL with BSL image








Cindy: We have produced screencasts describing our Part One modules and some Parts 2 and 3 modules in English Literature; we have also, as in this case, added a BSL interpretation to some of them, for the benefit of students and YouTube browsers. Cutting a module down to a brief screencast has been a useful exercise in itself.

We have screencasts describing the following modules:

EN1PW Persuasive Writing

EN1GC Genre and Context (Autumn Term)

EN1GC Genre and Context (Spring Term)

EN1CW Creative Writing

EN1RC Research and Criticism

Punctuation pathway 1








Cindy: This screencast, entitled ‘The Punctuation Pathway’ has been a useful way to inform our first year students about some basics of punctuation. It is found through bb and our YouTube channel, so students can find it easily rather than perhaps feeling awkward about asking.

EN1PW quiz image








Cindy: In the English Literature module ‘EN1PW: Persuasive Writing’ I have produced a team-based learning quiz for our first seminar. The students access the screencasts prior to the seminar and then work together in groups, comparing their individual multiple choice responses to those that the team agrees upon. I have found it a good way to get groups working together (they stay in these groups all year) and to introduce them to university. They are flattered to find that we care enough to make some animations especially for them.


Birds screencast

Alison Nicholson has created this fantastic

screencast on essay writing for IWLP students.

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