I’m Going to Uni !!!

3 female students walking across campus

new friendships and experiences are all part of Uni life

So, after many months of thinking about what you might be studying and which University you might go to, the time finally came to pack your suitcases –  and now you’ve arrived at Reading University. You’ll have come with books, a laptop and the phone number of everyone you know and you are looking forward to taking home a hard earned degree plus a few new friendships and experiences.

Like many other new students, you may be wondering about the prospect of meeting new people and of being able to adjust to living away from home and managing all the day to day responsibilities this entails. It is to be expected that your emotions may be mixed in the early weeks. Living away from home for the first time is one of the biggest transitions anyone will make in their life and so there are lots of ways the University can support you to enhance the experience and welcome you.

girls rugby

why not try joining a new society or group? rugby is just one of many you can join

Perhaps you may want to join one of the many societies that will be starting up again in September? With over 150 societies to choose from such as Board Riders, Chess or Debating to Photography, Real Ale and Rugby why don’t you sign up for something that grabs your interest as it’s a great way of meeting like minded people in your first year. For more information check out the University website here:  http://www.reading.ac.uk/ready-to-study/student-life.aspx and don’t forget to go along to the Societies fair and Sports Fair organised by RUSU in Welcome Week or try out a taster session for the society or sport – to see what it’s all about.

Of course you can also organise social events yourself;  maybe now is a good time to approach other new students and ask if they would like to do something together. Have you noticed others who seem to enjoy the same things as you? Perhaps watching films, liking similar types of music   or going running?

look out for people who like the same type of music

look out for people who like the same type of music

Someone has to be the first person to ask … why not take the opportunity and see what happens next?

Making new friends who you can share the experiences of University life with is one way of working things out if something difficult comes up, but there may also be occasions when you want to talk to someone in a professional role here.  The Counselling & Wellbeing service is open each week day from 9.00am until 5.00pm on the first floor of the Carrington Building.

The Student Helpdesk is on the ground floor in the Carrington building

Counselling & Wellbeing are on the first floor of the Carrington building

Students come to talk about a whole range of things such as missing home and family,  conflicts with other students, relationships issues and academic worries. If you feel you would like confidential support then please contact us either by calling, emailing or dropping in personally.

Tel 0118 378 4216

E mail: counselling@reading.ac.uk


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