Papers online- Special Issue from 2016 and 2017 workshops

A collection of articles of research presented in the 2016 and 2017 IMAA workshops will be published as a special issue for Environmental Archaeology. All articles are currently in press and available online.

Editorial: Integrated Microscopy Approaches in Archaeobotany: proceedings of the 2016 and 2017 workshops, University of Reading, UK

Rowena Y. Banerjea, Catherine Barnett, Lionello Morandi, Marta Portillo

Feeding the Crusades: Archaeobotany, Animal Husbandry and Livestock Alimentation on the Baltic Frontier

R. Y. Banerjea, M. Badura, A. Brown, L. F. Morandi, M. Marcinkowski, H. Valk, K. Ismail-Meyer, A. Pluskowski

Fuelling the Fires: The Contribution of Wood Charcoal Analysis to a Landscape Scale Project at and Around Pre-Conquest Iron Age Silchester and a Reflection on Its Wider Implications

Catherine Barnett

Early Middle Ages Houses of Gien (France) from the Inside: Geoarchaeology and Archaeobotany of 9th–11th c. Floors

Q. Borderie, T. Ball, R. Banerjea, M. Bizri, C. Lejault, S. Save, A. Vaughan-Williams

Variable Ovicaprid Diet and Faecal Spherulite Production at Amara West, Sudan

Matthew Dalton and Phillipa Ryan

Early Animal Management Strategies during the Neolithic of the Konya Plain, Central Anatolia: Integrating Micromorphological and Microfossil Evidence

Aroa García-Suárez ,Marta Portillo & Wendy Matthews

An Ethnoarchaeological Case Study of Dung Fungal Spore and Faecal Spherulite Taphonomy in a Pastoral Cave Deposit

Lionello F. Morandi

Advances in Morphometrics in Archaeobotany

M. Portillo, T. B. Ball, M. Wallace, C. Murphy, S. Pérez-Díaz, M. Ruiz-Alonso, F. J. Aceituno & J. A.  López-Sáez

Visibility, Preservation and Colour: A Descriptive System for the Study of Opal Phytoliths in (Archaeological) Soil and Sediment Thin Sections

Luc Vrydaghs & Yannick Devos


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