Papers online: IMAA Special Issue featuring research from 2018 and 2019

We are pleased to announce that the research papers from the 2018 and 2019 IMAA workshops are now available online. They will be published soon in a Special Issue for Environmental Archaeology.

Editorial: “Integrated Microscopy Approaches in Archaeobotany 2: Proceedings of the 2018 and 2019 Workshops, University of Reading, UK”

Rowena Y. Banerjea, Marta Portillo, Catherine Barnett & Paul Flintoft


“Seeing Shit’: Assessing the Visibility of Dung Tempering in Ancient Pottery Using an Experimental Approach”

Silvia Amicone, Lionello F. Morandi  & Shira Gur-Arieh


“Hidden Husbandry: Disentangling a Disturbed Profile at Beckery Chapel, a Medieval Ecclesiastical Site Near Glastonbury (UK)”

Rowena Y. Banerjea, Lionello F. Morandi, Kevin Williams & Richard Brunning


“Power Centres and Marginal Landscapes: Tracking Pre- and Post-Conquest (Late Iron Age and Medieval) Land-Use in the Cēsis Castle Hinterland, Central Latvia”

Alex Brown & Aleks Pluskowski


“Auto-Fluorescent Phytoliths: A New Method for Detecting Heating and Fire”

Yannick Devos, Martin J. Hodson & Luc Vrydaghs


“Wood in Pre-Columbian Funerary Rituals: A Case Study from El Caño (Panama, AD 880–1020)”

María Martín-Seijo, Joeri Kaal,Carlos Mayo Torné  & Julia Mayo Torné


“The Taphonomy of Plant and Livestock Dung Microfossils: An Ethnoarchaeological and Experimental Approach”

Marta Portillo, Kate Dudgeon, Georgia Allistone, Kamal Raeuf Aziz & Wendy Matthews


“Changing Plant-based Subsistence Practices among Early and Middle Holocene Communities in Eastern Maghreb”

Marta Portillo, Jacob Morales, Yolanda Carrión Marco, Nabiha Aouadi, Giulio Lucarini, Lotfi Belhouchet, Alfredo Coppa & Leonor Peña-Chocarro



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