IMAA 2018

The 2018 IMAA Workshop was held in the School of Archaeology, Geography and Environment Science, University of Reading on 24th- 25th February 2018.

The workshop brought together specialists in geoarchaeology, NPPs, palynology, plant macroremains, and phytoliths who are working in universities, major heritage organisations, and professional archaeology in order to share research and skills. The 2 day workshop included presentations, poster sessions and microscope sessions on the following themes:

  • Woodland exploitation
  • Subsistence networks and diet
  • Plant use in funerary, religious and ritual contexts
  • Beyond the microscope: method development and microanalysis
  • Wetland archaeobotany
  • Wild plants in the archaeological record

Delegates visited the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology on campus, and Professor Amy Smith, Curator, gave a botanical themed talk on the collection.

The presentation, poster and microscopy session abstracts are available.

The Twitter and Instagram news can be found using #IMAA2018

Workshop email:

The 2018 organising committee:

Dr Rowena Banerjea, Dr Catherine Barnett, Dr Marta Portillo, Dr Daniel Young


Vibrant dung, phytolith and wetland archaeobotany microscopy sessions.


Charcoal and coprophilous fungal spore discussions around the microscope