WASM 2023

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Working Group on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology (WASM)  which will be held at the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, UK, on 30th-31st March 2023. We are able to welcome 20 external participants and further details of booking and arrangements will be announced soon. WASM will be held directly before the IMAA workshop, which will take place on 1st-2nd April and is bookable as a separate event.

There is no participation charge to attend WASM at Reading. Participants will be able to purchase lunch and refreshments from university catering outlets at their own expense. Please register online.

WASM 2023 UoR Scientific  Committee

Rowena Banerjea r.y.banerjea@reading.ac.uk

Matt Canti

Wendy Matthews

Kate Dudgeon


A further WASM (c. 20 participants) will be held later in 2023 in Utrecht (NL) and priority will be given to those who did not attend the workshop at Reading:

27 June icebreaker

28, 29 and 30 June Workshop at the Earth Simulation Laboratory in Utrecht (Uithof campus).

Contact Hans Huisman for further details about the WASM Utrecht: hans.huisman@rug.nl