Thinking ahead: placements?

As a university student you have vast expanses of summer breaks ahead of you, and you may have already mapped them out – Inter-railing around Europe, backpacking in South East Asia, the opportunities (should you have a bit of cash) are limitless, to borrow our university’s marketing tagline.

But there’s no reason why, even if you haven’t got the cash, you can’t still do something awesome like that and earn a bit of cash along the way. Hopefully you’re getting emails from our excellent Vicki Wiles about opportunities that are coming up – there are events today and tomorrow:

1.       HumSS 126, 2-3pm, 12th January 2016, Insight Placement Application Session

This session will focus on applications for summer work experience after your first year, both to formal internship schemes and also speculative applications.

2.       HumSS G25, 3-4pm, 13th January 2016, Personality Tests to help inform Career Direction

Lucy Hawkins and Claire Mack from the Careers team will be running this session using personality tests to help you to identify your strengths to help to inform your career direction decisions.

If you’re giving a placement this summer some thought, get along to one or both of these events. We have a great team in place now both within the department and across the university geared to helping you find a summer placement, and supporting you through the application and through the placement too.

Great experiences, great CV points, a bit of cash, and still some time to do some travelling – what more could you want?