The University of Reading and the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism are pleased to announce the LARSP ACROSS LANGUAGES workshop to be held on 27th and 28th March 2014 . LARSP originated at the University of Reading. It was created by David Crystal, Paul Fletcher and Mike Garman in 1976 and it applied to English. Since then LARSP has been adapted for other languages and most recently, volume has already been published profiling LARSP for a number of different languages (website: with two further volumes in preparation.

Due to the number of researchers working on new versions of LARSP for the ‘Languages of LARSP’ series, we are holding a Workshop and Conference on LARSP so that knowledge can be exchanged, shared and discussed. The workshop is open to not only the designers of the different languages of LARSP, but also to speech and language therapists and those involved in the education of speech and language therapy students, speech and language therapy students and researchers in the field of child language acquisition and disorders.

  • Registration for this event will open from 1st December 2013 Registration ends: 7th March 2014
  • Registration fees: £110 for two days (includes lunch and refreshments) Daily delegates: £60
  • Students: £100 for two days (or £50 per day)

Contact:  Vesna Stojanovik for further details.

For information on accommodation for this event please read this document.

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