The musician in the classroom

University of Reading BA Ed (Music) singing students

These students are constantly pushing their musical boundaries. Passing their building in the cloisters, you are regaled with exciting sounds of musicians tuning and playing, singing and laughing. An amazing place for budding musicians and teachers.

Musicians and teachers alike sing the praises of a unique course offered by the Institute of Education.

BA Education (Music) is a markedly high-achieving programme because unusually, it offers its students both a serious music degree and a professional primary education degree – all in one three year course. Working professional musicians hone the students’ musicality to a profound level, and when they graduate, it is with a teaching degree that is welcome in all Primary settings. This is what makes the course unique. It’s not surprising that graduates come away so satisfied; 93% according to the National Student Survey; and ready for the workplace; 95% employed with six months, according to UNISTATS.

Graduates of the course point to the high levels of individual attention, combined with the rich quality of teaching in small groups as the bedrocks of the course’s success. They also speak with enthusiasm of the abundant pure musical training that contributes to their real personal development as an artist.

Kirsty, a second year student on the course agrees;  “I chose Reading because it looked really interesting to me as a musician,” she says. “It gave me the opportunity to do something I loved in both ways: to build myself as a musician, developing my knowledge and pushing boundaries, as well as becoming a teacher. I didn’t see any other course like this one, with the musical depth. It really extends you.”


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