New Professional Doctorate Programme to be delivered in Vietnam

Staff in the Institute of Education are delighted that the University of Reading have today signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Vietnam National University, International Education Institute for the delivery of a new Educational Doctorate programme in Ho Chi Minh City, hopefully beginning later this year.  The new doctoral programme, designed in collaboration with VNU-IEI, will hopefully begin recruiting later this year. “This is an exciting new development” said Professor Andy Goodwyn, Head of the Institute of Education “not just for the Institute of Education but, for the University of Reading as a whole.” IEI Executive Director Truong Quang Duoc also said “with this partnership, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City / International Education Institute and the University of Reading share a deep commitment to the internationalization of higher education. We hope that the collaborative activities, once implemented, will contribute to the betterment of society and the friendship between the two countries”.


Photo: Vice Chancellor Sir David Bell (middle) and programme directors, Dr Carol Fuller and Dr Alan Floyd


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