Heike wins prestigious Raymond Wilson Poetry Prize with ‘I Am The Love For You’

Heike Poetry Winner 2014This autumn saw the University of Reading presenting its annual children’s poetry competition in honour of the brilliant educationalist Raymond Wilson (1925-1995), former Emeritus Professor of Education at the University.

After much deliberation over a very impressive standard of entries, the judges announced a winner: Heike Bruton. Heike is a full-time first year PhD student at the Institute of Education, where she also works part-time as a Research Assistant.

“I’m absolutely delighted that my poem ‘I am the love for you’ was chosen as the winning entry,” says Heike. “Thank you so much to Raymond Wilson and his family for donating this prize!”

Raymond Wilson was an exceptional educationalist, as well as an inspired editor who introduced new editions of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poetry and Jane Austen’s novels. Wilson was also well-known as an intuitive, sensitive critic and a prolific anthologist.

I am the love for you

When you are feeling sad I hold you tight

You may not see me but I’m always true

When life feels as if no one’s on your side

My darling child I am the love for you


When things get tough and effort seems in vain

I know that you can do it come what may

When you don’t ever want to try again

I pick you up and set you on your way


When down your face stream waterfalls of tears

I softly dry them with a gentle kiss

When something stops you conquering your fears

I guide you by the hand from the abyss


I’m all around you, I will keep you strong

For now, tomorrow, and for everlong.

By Heike Bruton

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