IoE’s Sarah Chorley’s mission to help beautiful but stricken Vanuatu

IoE’s Sarah Chorley is flying the flag for the stricken islands of Vanuatu following the recent devastating cyclone that hit recently.

Says Sarah: “This is no longer in the media, but it is still an urgent cause where a lot of people are desperate for a lot of aid. The country is made up of 82 different islands and within these islands are many pockets of communities, so delivering aid is not straightforward and a lot of their crops, shelters, schools and water supplies have been destroyed.Island Dress


“To start with, I am organising a cake sale on Tuesday the 24th of March at the London Road Campus of the University of Reading in the staff room of L16 (next to café!). I know we all do a lot for charity and for cake eating already, but I would be really grateful if everybody can help to raise money.

“The reason I want to help Vanuatu is because as a teenager I spent six months teaching English as a foreign language on the island of Pentecost. The people of Vanuatu (Ni-Vans) are the kindest, most generous and happiest people that I have ever met and whilst Vanuatu is one of the poorest countries in the world, the Ni-Vans are still incredibly happy. They are self-sufficient (or at least were before the cyclone), non-materialistic and proud of their culture. My friend has a donation page here, which is where I will send the money we raise to:

“Please share this and donate if you would like to. Any questions, email me on”

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