STaR Mentors: Students using their own experience to make a difference

Students talking during Welcome WeekThe campaign to recruit hundreds of students to be a friendly face and the voice of experience for next year’s new intake of undergraduates is moving apace. We are looking for students from (almost*) every subject, so if you are in the first or second year (or other non-final year) and would like to make a difference to those around you, as well as improve your CV, keep reading and find out about the new STaR (Supporting Transitions at Reading) mentoring programme.

As a STaR mentor you would use your own experience, topped up with a bit of extra training, to give friendly informal tips to new students studying the same subject as you. You would aim to help them settle into your Department or School, navigate the complexities of the University, and get involved in university life. You are not expected to be an expert or to take the place of a parent, a personal tutor or a professional counsellor, but simply to be the voice of someone who was in their position not so long ago and has survived.

People become mentors for many different reasons but here are some really good ones

  • You will make the world a better and easier place for someone
  • You will learn a lot about people, what makes them tick and how others see the world around us
  • You will learn a lot about yourself in the process
  • It is a great addition to your CV and It will count as 20 volunteer hours towards the RED Award

See the FAQs for a better insight into what exactly a STaR mentor will do.

Mentoring is one of those simple things in life that can actually have a tremendously powerful effect. A few words of experience here and there can really make the world of difference.  Sign up to be a STaR mentor and be part of something that will make that difference for hundreds of students next October.

See the STaR Mentoring FAQs for more info on the programme, or if this doesn’t answer your question email

Complete the short application form today to join the ranks of the first ever STaR mentors.

* Henley Business School, Pharmacy, TAEDS and Film Theatre and Television run their own mentoring programmes, please contact them directly, or if you are studying these subjects and would like to be a mentor we will pass on your application to the organisers in these Schools.

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