Karen Goulding’s month of dragons

We don’t wish to alarm you, but dragons have infested The Learning Hub at the Institute of Education.

The Hub’s director Karen Goulding was invited to write for the prestigious National Share-a-Story Month, run by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG). Karen is one of a select group of respected authorities who are exploring aspects of children’s story-sharing, with a particular focus on dragon tales.

In her blog, Karen describes her experiences with her current story group, which began when the Museum of English Rural Life needed a temporary new home for its “Toddler Time” sessions. The Learning Hub next door to the Museum proved the perfect venue for the toddlers’ singing, stories and craft and Karen now reads to them each month. This led her to base her blog on the exceptional dragon story she had carefully chosen to suit her young group.

Karen said: “Finding an appropriate dragon book for this age group was challenging, even taking into account The Learning Hub’s rich resource base. Eventually, after reading many dragon-themed stories, I found ‘Don’t you dare, Dragon!’ by Annie Kubler; the front cover convinced me this was the perfect book for Toddler Time.”

Other bloggers in Share-a-Story Month include literacy consultant Prue Goodwin, Story Sacks creator Neil Griffiths and authors and story tellers Margaret Bateson-Hill and John Kirk.

The FCBG was established in the 1960s by Anne Wood, who later founded Ragdoll Productions, known for its award-winning Teletubbies and In The Night Garden children’s programmes.

Dates for the National Share-a-Story-Month series of blogs:


1st Prue Goodwin
8th Margaret Bateson-Hill
15th Karen Goulding
22nd John Kirk
29th Neil Griffiths
30th Ann Lazim
31st Chris Routh


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