Join our talented BA Ed (Music) students for Sensations! – a celebration of song, music and dance in collaboration with Younger People with Dementia and Turtle Key Arts. 11.30 am, 4th December, Great Hall.

Sensations! is the culmination of a nine week musical collaboration between our fantastic BA Ed (Music) students and Younger People with Dementia. Created by Turtle Key Arts, Sensations! is a sharing performance for “Turtle Song”, a concept created by Turtle Key Arts to bring music, movement and singing to people with dementia.

Turtle Song encourages artistic and social interaction, a positive outlook through an enjoyable and shared activity and gives the brain and body a bit of stimulating exercise. It also helps to enhance the professional development of the music students who take part in the project.

Alice Breary, one of our BA Ed (Music) cohort, who participated in the scheme said: “When the idea of the project was first put to us, I was unsure if it was something I wanted to do- a close family friend of ours has been a sufferer so it was very close to home but I am so glad that I have been involved: seeing everyone coming out of themselves through music has been such a touching and rewarding experience and I think the benefits of this project are very obvious when you see the performances!” 

Everyone involved in this fulfilling and entertaining project met once a week for ten weeks, and with the help of our music students, wrote lyrics and composed music for their own song cycle, ending in this live performance for friends and family on 4th December in our Great Hall.

Since the first Turtle Song at the Royal College of Music, London in 2008 it has been introduced in Cambridge, Wolverhampton, Dulwich, Suffolk, Oxford, Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Norwich, Croydon, Reading and Newbury; there are now on average three held each year. Read more at

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