Turtle Song

Family, friends, staff and Music students came together in the grand surrounds of the Institute of Education’s Great Hall on 4th December, for a touching and heartfelt performance called “Sensations!” by the participants of “Turtle Song”.

A performance of Turtle Song is a special event that gathers people with memory problems and all forms of dementia plus their carers together with professional musicians, workshop leaders and music students to deliver a high-quality, challenging and enjoyable experience.

This special cycle of Turtle Song was a collaboration between Turtle Key Arts and students on the BA (QTS) Education, Music Specialism course at the Institute of Education. The group was particularly pleased to return to the University of Reading for a second visit at the invitation of Younger People With Dementia, and work once again with the fantastic and dedicated music students of the Institute of Education.

The Turtle Song group met with the IoE students weekly over the past 9 weeks to create Sensations! – a new song cycle inspired by our 5 senses. After the all-important tea, coffee, biscuits and chat each week, the groups would take a different sense as a starting point to initiate discussion, write lyrics, and develop music and dance using a variety of different techniques.

Turtle Song aims to seek out those with dementia who might be affected by isolation and depression and to encourage a positive outlook through music. The project enables participants to write and perform their own song cycle, and through this activity, improve and maintain cognitive pathways and raise self-esteem through empowerment.  It locates people living at home, or in care, and provides them with artistic and social stimulation through an enjoyable and shared activity.

The project is a collaboration between Turtle Key Arts, the Royal College of Music and English Touring Opera. The project was kindly supported by YPWD (Younger people with Dementia, Berkshire), the Henry Smith Charity and the Mark Armitage Trust.

BA(Ed) Music Specialism the Institute of Education

This programme creates and celebrates The Musician in the Classroom. It is a specialist course for students who want to train as a music subject leader in primary education. It is both a music and a professional primary education degree. Students benefit from the highest levels of individual attention, meaning rich quality in small groups. Hear our musicians in the classroom discuss their Programme

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Turtle Key Arts unlocks creative potential in individuals, companies and communities, producing and devising original, ground-breaking, inclusive art to entertain and inspire.

To watch a short film about Turtle Song
please visit www.turtlekeyarts.org.uk/turtle-song


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