Enhancement Week 2016: a huge success

campus05It’s been a week of activities to boost CVs, enhance employability and make everyone buzz with ideas. More than that – it’s been a lot of fun! There were cakes, pantomimus, theatre, plus sessions on academic writing, well-being, literacy and many other valuable segments.

This is a summary of what was enjoyed by all:

An Invitation to Enhancement Week 2016

MONDAY 15TH FEBRUARY                                                                                                                                    Poets-corner

Cakes, Poems and Story-Telling presented by Stephanie Sharp L22 102    10-11

A fun session looking at poems and story-telling (including some about cakes) and there will be cake!

“A Taste of Playback Theatre – Stories of our Studies” presented by Simon Floodgate TAEDS studio       10-1

Playback Theatre is an original form of improvisational theatre in which audience members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot. It is a dynamic, interactive and powerful form of theatre.

“Pantomimus” by Berkshire Maestros (Margareta Burrell) presented by Bec Berkley L29 G01      2 – 3.30

Pantomimus is a creative music activity for EYFS children with opportunities for engaging all school staff in music making. Children sing, move, play instruments and are creative; sharing the joy of making music together. It is led by Margareta Burrell, EYFS Music specialist with Berkshire Maestros. This session is open to any IOE student. www.berkshiremaestros.org.uk/pantomimus_main.html.


Teaching Abroad presented by Karen Goulding L24 G06     9 – 10

Focusing on assessment, different curriculum models and resources.

Singing and Literacy presented by Rebecca Berkley L29 G01         9 – 10

Singing for literacy focuses on how to use singing in the classroom as a mechanism for developing literacy skills. This session is open to any IOE student, and will include group singing, song writing, movement and active music making.

Successful Academic Writing presented by Vince T. L16 G06         11 – 12

In this session, you can get extra support on how to improve your academic writing skills. You can bring with you either an assignment that you are currently working on or one that has already been marked, but you would like further advice.
reading festival
Well-being, work life balance and time management presented by Jane Fieldsend L10 G03          11.30 – 12.30

Fun ways to unwind and relax (with a bit of theory thrown in).

Berkshire Vision presented by Karen Goulding L22 G03       11.30 – 12.30

Our session will involve a brief outline of the activities and services we provide to different age groups of blind and partially-sighted people across the county; an exercise involving the use of simispecs; demonstration of various aids and adaptations that make life easier/safer for visually-impaired people in the home and community; display of scanners and mobile phones; and examples of sports equipment adapted for use by blind and partially sighted players.


An Invitation to Enhancement Week 2016

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