Fees for partnership schools

Dr Cathy Tissot, Head of the IoE
Dr Cathy Tissot, Head of the IoE

You may have read the recent announcement that the University of Reading, in common with many institutions, intends to raise undergraduate tuition fees to £9250 per annum, subject to government legislation being passed permitting us to do so. Here is a link to our full undergraduate fees Q&A to give you the background. 

In line with this, and with the decisions of most other UK universities, the University of Reading also intends to raise PGCE tuition fees to £9250 and School Direct fees by the same percentage, if the legislation changes. This would apply to students joining the University in September 2017, although not to those who have suspended their studies from this year. 

We value our partnership with schools and settings and are working hard to develop an appropriate way forward to take these changes in overall fees into account. The specific level of agreement for the various routes and the arrangements for sharing the small cost of living increase will be sent directly to our partner schools.

Working with our partner schools, we train approximately 400 excellent teachers and Early Years practitioners each year: individuals who go on to educate the next generations. As we all know, the work we all put into the start of a teacher’s career feeds into a lifetime of nurturing young minds.


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