Head of the IoE awarded significant academic honour; colleagues given distinguished awards

In recognition of Dr Catherine Tissot’s outstanding contribution to the field, the Higher Education

Dr Catherine Tissot, Head of Institute of Education
Dr Catherine Tissot, Head of Institute of Education

Academy (HEA) has just appointed her as a Senior Fellow. Institute of Education (IoE) colleagues, Dr Alison Silbey and Ilan Dwek were awarded with Fellowships of the HEA.


Being promoted to Senior Fellow is a significant honour: very few Senior Fellowships are awarded each year and the distinction carries international recognition. Senior Fellowship indicates a high level of esteem for Catherine’s cont

ribution to higher education management and leadership.

The HEA Fellowship award recognises Alison and Ilan’s commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in the field. It provides a valuable measure of their academic success.

Catherine commented: “The process of becoming a Senior Fellow gave me a fresh insight into what I do and how our work affects those with whom we collaborate. Reflecting on my own professional practice was fulfilling and the application process itself was a stimulating intellectual challenge.

“I am particularly proud that my colleagues Alison and Ilan have achieved Fellowship. This award recognises their valuable contribution both to our field and to our work at the IoE”

Catherine, Alison and Ilan’s route to their awards lay with the University of Reading’s FLAIR CPD scheme; an internal accreditation process that enables experienced staff to gain professional recognition for the work they do in teaching or supporting learning.

An independent, charitable organisation, the HEA is the UK’s national body that champions teaching excellence around the globe. It works with governments, universities and academics to nurture teaching excellence in higher education.

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