Classics PhD researcher is this year’s winner of Raymond Wilson Poetry Prize

James Lloyd, winner of the Raymond Wilson Poetry Prize

Every year, UoR students are invited to explore their creative side by entering the Raymond Wilson Poetry Competition. Held in memory of the late brilliant educationalist and Emeritus Professor of Education at Reading, the prize awards £200 for the winning poem.

This year’s winner, James Lloyd, is a Postgraduate Research student within the Classics department of the University of Reading. James’s poem, ‘April Shower’, describes in humorous detail the many things we can forget when April Showers strike. A poem like this helps make learning engaging, whilst also reflecting the daily amusements and challenge that children encounter in their gradual assimilation into the big wide world.

James Lloyd said:

“I am delighted to have won the 2017-18 Raymond Wilson prize. Thank you to everyone involved in the competition, especially the school children who helped to choose it! I hope that the poem has raised a few smiles, umbrellas, and hoods.”

Stephanie Sharp, the organiser of the competition at the IOE, commented:

“Children liked it because they understood it and thought that children everywhere would enjoy it.”

The competition is judged by children in a local school and their vote carries equal weight with Stephanie. This brings the perspectives of teacher, writer and young reader to bear on the judging. 

Raymond Wilson was an exceptional educationalist, as well as an inspired educational editor who introduced new editions of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poetry and Jane Austen’s novels. Wilson was also well-known as an intuitive, sensitive critic and a prolific anthologist.

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April Shower


When you hear the rumbling

Of storm clouds in the skies,

And rain drops come a tumbling,

And puddles start to rise,


You’ll wish you’d not forgot

To wear your anorak,

or have your favourite brolly

Stowed in your school rucksack.


So when you hear the rumbling

Of storm clouds in the skies,

And rain drops come a tumbling,

And puddles start to rise,


From their pitter patter

You’ll have no need to cower,

Because you’re well prepared

For this April shower.


James Lloyd, 2018


The IoE’s ATP Conference 2018 features a keynote speech from Dr Diana Sous of the Institute of Education, University College, London alongside the vibrant and fascinating approaches to research taken by our talented students.

Last year’s ATP conference

The IoE is set to host its lively annual ATP (BA Primary Education (QTS) Advanced Teaching Project) conference at London Road on 30th May.

These conferences are an opportunity for our final year BA Education (QTS) students to showcase their lively, interesting and thought-provoking research. Above all, the conference is the culmination of three years of hard work.

It is a happy day in the calendar, as Programme Director Nasreen Majid hears and sees the fruits of her students’ study and research over the last three years. There is always an element of nostalgia too; the IoE bids farewell and good luck to another talented cohort of enthusiastic students as they start their journey into the wide world of inspiring through education.

This vibrant showcase event demonstrates the sheer variety of our students’ projects. The research is broad and accomplished and the posters in particular visually appealing and lively.

Five of our final year students will present their work, representing a broad cross section of the type of research undertaken. Nasreen Majid, Director of the programme, who leads the conference said of the presenting students:

I am so proud of the calibre of research that our students have developed. Teaching is a research embedded profession. Our students demonstrate this by the range of work they undertake for their ATPs, including such cutting edge ideas as: the perceptions of the social inclusion of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder; what is it about mathematics that causes anxiety for pupils; and how does music intervention impact the social development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

We are delighted to welcome our key note speaker to the conference: Dr Diana Dos Santos Sousa- Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL, IOE.  Dr Sous will deliver a key note closely linked to her career trajectory from an early years practitioner to teaching fellow at UCL, IOE. Her presentation will use evidence from three diverse Portuguese Early Years setting to illustrate how conceptual understandings of democracy reflect individual school philosophies and how a range of factors could lead to a democratic deficit enabled by discourses which displace the purpose, complexity and subjectivity of Early Years policy and practice.

The best ATP candidate will receive The Professor Rhona Stainthorp Prize for outstanding achievement in undergraduate research. There will also be two runners up and Dr Sous will present the well-earned prizes.

After the ceremonies, everyone will be able to kick back and relax over a picnic, enjoying the chance to be together one more time before our fantastic Year 3 students head off into their bright futures.


ATP 2018

30 May 2018

09.30 – 12.30
Institute of Education

University of Reading

London Road campus

4 Redlands Road RG1 5EX