Design Authority Group

The Design Authority Group (DAG), acting on behalf of, and with the mandate of the University’s Information Systems Management Group (ISMG), acts at the project and programme delivery level to ensure that solution design proposals have received the appropriate level of technical input and subject matter expertise. The DAG applies the University’s design and architecture principles to assure solution designs.


Role and Purpose

The DAG provides governance and critical review of project and programme solution design proposals, while making low-level decisions on those proposals. Critically, the DAG acts as a design governance check point for the ISMG, escalating design challenges to the ISMG and reporting on design decisions that have been taken on behalf of the ISMG.  Typically the DAG :-


  • Reviews requirements to make sure they are clear and have the appropriate level of detail and clarity.
  • Ensures that the requirements of the solution are being met by the proposed solution desig
  • Engages with projects, programmes and workstreams to build and maintain the design pipelin
  • Engages with projects, programmes and workstreams to ensure that the

correct design governance is being applied (e.g. suitable authorship of design and expert input).

  • Reviews the technical input and subject matter expertise input into the proposed solution design, covering areas such as the definition of requirements, legal compliance, security considerations, functional fit, technological capability, cost, support modelling (such as skill and

resource requirements) and delivery capability.

  • Assesses the feasibility of the proposed solution, specifically the functional capability and the organisational fit.
  • Provides a broader review and assessment of solution and delivery interdependencies and integration / interface requirement
  • Ensures technical risk is being manag
  • Escalates / reports design submissions and approvals to the ISMG.
  • Escalates challenges to architecture principles and design guidelines to

 the Enterprise Architecture Advisory Board (EAAB).

  • Reviews and approves design change

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