IT Services will be doing major hardware and software upgrades to our central fileservers from 18:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday 12 July 2011.

We expect that staff Exchange email and the University’s web pages will be available throughout this period though there may be some short interruptions to these services. The readingLive student email service and the Library Unicorn service will be unaffected by the upgrades.

All other IT services including N drives, collaborative shares, secure shares, departmental data areas, Blackboard, Trent, Adlib, PC facilities, CentAUR, Unix email, printing, media streaming and software distribution will be unavailable during this period.

Please contact ITS Help (x6262, email as soon as possible if you believe that this will cause you a problem.


One Reply to “File store server upgrades”

  1. We are upgrading our four FAS3040 NetApp filers to four FAS3240 filers. Each of the new filers have 2 to 3 times the performance of each of the units that they are replacing.
    We will be moving from trunked 1GbE networking to 10GbE networking, significantly improving the speed/capacity of network access to the data stored on the filers.
    We will be more than doubling the amount of disk storage available giving us around 220TB of raw mirrored disk. Each FAS3240 filer is theoretically capable of supporting up to 1200TB of raw disk.
    We will be upgrading the operating system on the filers to the latest Data ONTAP version 8.0.1 which gives us some additional features over the current version we have been using this past academic year.

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