From 12 September 2011, IT Services will be trialling a new remote assistance service with directorates, schools and departments that are supported by our desktop IT support technicians. This will allow us to fix many problems more quickly and efficiently. 

For a list of University departments covered, see below.

In the event of a problem with your system, should the first contact with ITS Help be unable to resolve your issue and providing that it is suitable, your ticket will be passed to the Desktop IT Team. They will contact you offering you the option of connecting into your machine via remote assistance to try to resolve your issue.

Areas covered

Student and Academic Services Directorate


Careers Advisory Service

School of Chemistry, Food Biosciences and Pharmacy

External Affairs Directorate

Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science

Finance and Corporate Services Directorate



School of Construction Management and Engineering

Vice-Chancellors Office


This will not work for resolving a network issue – a technician will need to visit.

Confidential information on the customer machine should be closed before ITS provide any assistance, including Finance and HR systems. ITS staff will be able to see any information visible on your screen but this is no different than if they came to your office to resolve your problem.

No remote assistance work will be undertaken without an active ITS Help ticket.

Each connection requires your explicit permission

For further information:

Remote Assistance

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