IT Services have recently been reviewing campus licences for all our software and specifically where “home use” rights are available. As such we have had to review and update our advice to staff and students.

Where “home use” of software is granted under a licence agreement:

  • this can only be used on personally owned equipment.
  • If equipment is loaned or supplied to you by an employer and your employer is not the University of Reading, then “home use” rights will not apply on this equipment.
  • University licensed software must not be installed on this equipment.

Academic licences also have restrictions on the applications and use of software:

  • Any data that is manipulated by or created using academic licensed software cannot be used by you or provided to external companies for commercial gain.

Full details of software licences are available on our website at:–swtable.aspx

All pages are in the process of being updated to include the change in advice above.

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