If you are a registered University of Reading staff or student IT systems user, we strongly recommend using the Eduroam Wireless Network in preference to the Guest Wifi web-based service.

The benefits of using Eduroam are as follows:

1) Configure and forget

2) Seamless roaming to any Eduroam subscribing site (over 575 locations in UK, plus many more in Europe, USA, Canada and AsiaPac regions).

3) Over-the-air encryption of data.

4) No bandwidth restrictions at University of Reading campuses.

5) IPv6 support at University of Reading campuses.

There are restrictions on the Guest Wifi service, such as bandwidth limits which further emphasise the recommendation to use Eduroam.

For more information on how to configure Eduroam at The University of Reading, see our documentation at http://www.reading.ac.uk/internal/its/eduroam/its-eduroam-config.aspx


For more information on Eduroam as a service:


For a global map of participating locations:






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