It was agreed at the meeting of the Advisory Group for IT Services of 21 October 2010 (and later endorsed by Information Strategy Committee) that increases to ITS’ charges for discretionary services would be applied bi-annually and that proposals for the next increase would be submitted to the Advisory Group for consideration and recommendation onward in autumn 2011.

As these services are largely, but not entirely, labour related, it is understood that any increase is generally reflective of the annual uplift to salaries in the sector. The level of increase must also be judged against the level of administrative effort associated with the changes and on this occasion it is proposed at a 1% increase is applied to the charges listed below (some rounding has been applied).

This is in line with ISC’s agreement at its meeting of 16 June 2009 that IT Services make small percentage increases to charges.


It is therefore recommended that the following increases are applied with effect from 1 August 2012:

  • Hourly rate for work outside service support agreements £ 45.50/hour (currently £45/hour)
  • Hourly rate for work within service support agreements £ 38/hour (currently £37.5/hour)
  • Monthly telephone line rental £ 7.60/month (currently £ 7.50/month)

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