There has been an attempt yesterday, 1 March, to trap people into giving out their login details for University of Reading IT systems.

Should you receive an email with the subject line ‘Your email storage limit is low.’ simply delete it.

Do not open it. Do not click on any links in it.

At the end of this item is an example of this email, with the link removed. Please note the poor grammar and spelling.

IT Services will never ask you to reveal your password nor would we ever ask you to upgrade your email account in this manner, as this is a centrally managed service.

Should you have any concerns regarding an email you may have received or system security and anti-virus protection, contact your local IT Supporter or ITS Help on ext:6262

Example email:

Dear Email Account owner, due to the large HTML format email messages you receive your mailbox storage quota is low. And as a result of this your mailbox capacity has been limited thereby reducing the number of messages you receive.

To correct this fault you are to upgrade your email account. Click the link bellow and follow the 2 stage steps to upgrade your account. It is easy and simple with just a few clicks your email will be back to full working capacity. If you can’t click the link, you can upgrade your email address by copying and pasting (or typing) the the link into your browser.

<link removed>

Thank you.


Sanjay Rane

Customer support Engineer.

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  1. We have seen further Reading specific attempts at Phishing emails today, 19 March 2012, so be advised to not click on any links as per the advice above.

    IT Services.

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