Again, there has been another attempt at Phishing, sent to approximately 600 University Email recipients on 30 March. If you have received an email with the subject ‘eMail Alert!!!’ you should delete it immediately. Do not open it and do not click on any links in it.

At the end of this item is an example of this email, with the link removed. Please note the poor grammar and spelling.

IT Services will never ask you to reveal your password nor would we ever ask you to upgrade your email account in this manner, as this is a centrally managed service.

Should you have any concerns regarding an email you may have received or system security and anti-virus protection, contact your local IT Supporter or ITS Help on ext:6262



******WebmailUser Information Technology Unit******

Dear Client,
This notice is to alert all users that there has been a
recent flaw in our mail server. Due to this downtime most email relays
will be delayed. Some accounts will be unable to receive mails.

Our technicians have fixed this problem but in other to migrate to the
new server manual update is required from you as the email owner. This
update is simple as it only requires you to login. Please click or
open the link below and login to have your account successfully
migrated to the newly repaired Mail Server.

http:*******Address removed*********

Thanks for your understanding. Please remember that in a few days the
old server will shutdown. Any email account that has not been updated
will become unfunctional.

Webmail Team.

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  1. We have had another mail today, 4 April, with the text below. The same advice applies, do not open, do not click on the link and please delete the email.

    To: Recipients
    Subject: Important Account Servicing Message
    Importance: High

    Dear Customer,

    Please note that starting from April 5th, 2012 we will be introducing new online banking
    authentication procedures in order to protect the private information of all online banking users.

    You are required to confirm your online banking details with us as you will not be able to
    have access to your accounts until this has been done.

    As you’re already registered for online banking all you need to do is to confirm
    your online banking details.

    Confirm your details

    Once you’ve completed this you’ll be able to manage your money whenever you want,
    giving you more control of your finances.

    Best wishes,

    Security Team
    Halifax Online Service

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